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The difference between high-speed punch and ordinary punch

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The difference between high-speed punch and ordinary punch:

Scope of application: Ordinary punching machine, suitable for forming, blanking, punching, bending and other cold stamping processes, widely used in electronic components, instrumentation, toys, automobiles, tractors and other industries. High-speed punching machine is widely used in the stamping of small precision parts such as precision electronics, communication, computers, household appliances, auto parts, motor stators and rotors.

Mode: The lowest grade ordinary punching machine is a single punching high-grade ordinary punching machine (such as a steel plate machine) which can be either a single die or a continuous die. The high speed punch is a continuous progressive die.

Stroke per minute (speed): ordinary punch, generally less than 200 times. High-speed punching machines with a maximum speed of 600-800 strokes per minute.

Accuracy: ordinary punching machine, high precision punching machine with high precision and high precision

Control: ordinary punching machine, from low to high grades of ordinary punching machine, the control mode is manual, pedal, numerical control. High-speed punching, the control method is CNC.

Price: High-speed punches are generally much more expensive than regular punches.

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