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Six tips ofr ordering mould components

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Mould parts for the mold to extend a sub industry, with the rapid development of domestic mold industry, so as to promote the rise of mold parts industry. What tips should be known when you order mould components?

1. Product replacement. Make sure that the product can replace the same parts.

2. Product certification. Manufacturers passed the 9001:2000 ISO certification system, can guarantee the stability of the quality of its mold parts in their assembly.

3. Product compatibility. To ensure compatibility with other parts of the mold, so that the normal work in the mold.

4. Product material. Must be the genuine materials, not resort to deceit.

5. Product price. Whether contains the tax and the transport expense.

6. After sales and technical support. Whether the manufacturer does provide the related technical guidance. Whether to provide technical support for the service hotline if the distance is too far.


For the above points, when you buy mould components should be considered in, ask your supplier if you can meet the above conditions, and for any of your questions can give the correct answer, of course, can provide the relevant materials to prove that the best.

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