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Flat thimble is not wear-resistant and SKD61, SKH51, 65Mn material selection

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Often receives the client to ask about the question about the flat thimble: "how is your home flat thimble?"", "not durable?"", "high temperature resistance?"And so on...In fact, changsha borun small editor wants to say, the flat thimble that buy is not wear-resisting, also be not heat-resistant, easy to turn in the use process!To a large extent, it depends on the processing manufacturer and manufacturer of the flat thimble.

Flat thimble is one of commonly used parts in plastic mould parts, flat thimble, also called the flat pin, push rod, ejector pin, needle, needle, etc., mainly used for plastic product ejection rod parts, and is the glue, elongated circle plunger cannot put down, we choose to use flat thimble.So, how to ensure the wear-resisting property of the flat thimble, this needs to be in the material of the flat thimble to choose up and down.

Mold fittings factory changsha borun embellish sort out our several kinds of commonly used material when processing flat thimble, and their advantages and disadvantages, really solve for you in the purchase mould thimble products do not know how to choose the material of trouble.

1. SKD61 material.

(it is divided into three categories: domestic SKD61, Taiwan nitride SKD61, Japanese vacuum nitride SKD61).Most customers will choose this material now, because of SKD61 material, has the high hardness and wear resistance after heat treatment, and have strong hardenability, good high temperature resistance, good dimensional stability characteristics, the commonly used material and mould thimble.

2. SKH51 material.

High speed steel material, usually at the top of the client to aimed at the requirement of hardness, SKD61 difficult to meet, will choose SKH51 material, SKH51 material in addition to having the advantages of SKD61, also has the red hardness of SKD61 have no.Although SKH51 thimble material is better, but because of high speed steel material's price is more expensive, and SKD61 material generally can meet the requirements of most mould thimble, so SKH51 thimble and less common than SKD61 thimble used.

3. Material of 65Mn

The reason behind this material is that the material is cheap and has a price advantage, but the quality of the thimp is far from the SKD61 material and SKH51 material.Now there are a lot of cheap thimbles in the market are this kind of material, the customer after buying use, will often happen to bend, break the situation.

The above is about flat thimble processing several common materials, hope will be helpful to you.If you need to buy the flat thimp and mold non-standard parts, please contact NITONI changsha bogrun, we will process the quality mold parts products strictly according to your drawing specifications and material requirements.Looking forward to cooperating with you!

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