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Types of custom and configured mold components

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In many instances, configurable mold components may be available with optional alterations that can be specified when ordering. In other cases—where you might need to have standard items machined for a single or multiple cavity production tools—the supplier may be able to offer this service at a small additional charge.

Following is a representative sampling of some commonly used large and small mold components that can be precisely configured to extremely exacting specifications.

1. Straight and stepped ejector pins, ejector sleeves and blades

2. A wide selection of pins, including center pins, straight core pins, step-type round pins, taperless core and inlay core pins, block core pins, angular pins, date mark pins, pins with gas vent and other pins for specific use. High quality pin suppliers can grind the pins to length with angled or radiused faces within a given range, so you can assemble the mold without spending hours or days grinding pins.

3. Cavity inserts

4. Various sizes and types of slide cores, guide rails, runner locks, gate bushings and parting lock sets

5. Cooling and heating components

6. Positioning and leader components, sprue bushings and locating pins

7. Mold opening controllers, electrodes

8. A variety of mold accessories, coil springs and die casting parts

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